One Last Look Back: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans From Week 15


For one last look back on the week 15 game between the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, I once again got in contact with Antonio Furgiuele, the editor of texans website The two teams will meet again in week 17, and possibly a third time in the AFC Playoffs. I asked Antonio about his impressions of this young Colts team, and the future of the AFC South Champion Texans.

Naptown’s Finest –  The Texans have clinched the AFC South for a second-straight time. How do you feel about this team in the playoffs?

Toro Times – The Texans clinching the AFC south is big. They can take a breathe, but their work isn’t over yet. Their are still injuries the team has to deal with, and an extra week of rest will pay for itself. With the Vikings and Colts remaining, one more win should be enough. If they can clinch the first round bye, I believe their chances to go the distance increases dramatically. Without it, I fear the worst.

NF – What was your impression of the Indianapolis Colts?

TT – My impression of the Colts was that they were a team that has vastly improved since last year. Andrew Luck is a machine, and the entire draft class this year has been superb. While they struggled this past Sunday early on, the team has been better than expected. My only concern going forward is the age of certain power players going forward.

I thank Antonio for his responses and opinions about the first of two games against these AFC South rivals. Look for more of our discussions about the Colts and Texans at Toro, as well as past and future talks about this rivalry at Naptown’s Finest.