Indianapolis Colts can Learn From Loss


The Indianapolis Colts (9-5) aren’t out of the woods yet. The Colts missed out on an opportunity to stay in the division hunt for an AFC South title, by losing a sloppy 29-17 week 15 game, against the Houston Texans. With the loss, the Colts allowed the Texans to clinch the division, as well as leaving the door open for a possible exit from the AFC Playoffs race all together.

The Colts played another rough game on the road, which has been one of the major stories of their season. Although Indianapolis has shocked the entire NFL with their win total, their losses have been glaring examples of a team still in transition. Out of their four road losses, the Colts have given up 34-or-more points three times, and have only scored over 21 points once.

The Texans and Colts meet up again in the December 30th regular season finale. Indianapolis, who has played much better at home this season, will have to learn from this Sunday’s loss, if they want to keep their hopes alive for the postseason. This young team could still lose their final two games, miss the playoffs, and still end their season with their heads held high. This team wants more than pride for their surprising season, they want to earn the right to have a chance at an NFL Championship. If Indianapolis wants a shot at the big dance, then they have to continue to adapt, so that they can finish this season strong.