Indianapolis Colts Control Their NFL Playoff Destiny


The shocking surprise of this NFL season continues. The Indianapolis Colts (9-4) have not only quadrupled their win total from last year, but they also have put themselves into the driver’s seat, for a top-notch spot in the AFC playoffs. The Colts currently have one hand in the top wildcard spot, but could also wind up with a big whiff, or a big bye week.

Aside from most everyone who expected less from Indianapolis this season, there should be no one upset with the effort and production that this team has shown so far this season. Its easy to look back with 20/20 hindsight, and easy to call the Colts out for their schedule this season. The truth is, this team has played with resilience and resolution. They have broken records and bonded together, despite the “rebuilding” tag that has been put upon them. The Indianapolis Colts are a lightning strike away from making the AFC playoffs, and still remain a dice-roll away from taking a top spot in the conference. This team is playing with house money, and from here on out, anything is possible.