Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans, Part Two


This week, the Indianapolis Colts (9-4) will travel to face the defending AFC Champion Houston Texans (11-2), in a game that could very well decide the fate of this division. I contacted  Antonio Furgiuele, the editor of the Texans website, www.torotimes.com, to see what his opinions were about this game, and the current state of the AFC South.

Naptown’s Finest –  How does the fan base, media, and team seem to feel about the current state of the Texans?

Toro Times – I feel like the fan base, media and team  are disappointed after last weeks blowout defeat, but it will be short lived as the team has already clinched a wildcard spot and can clinch a first round bye in the next week or so. I feel that the Texans got an early dose of what the playoffs are like, which will be an early advantage to how much harder they will need to prepare in the coming weeks. The fans have nothing to worry about, that is unless the Texans lose again this week.

NF – Should the Texans be concerned that they didn’t close out the AFC South sooner, and have let the Colts kind of sneak in the back door?

TT – The Texans should be a bit concerned as momentum can carry a team like the Colts. The Texans are incapable of being a factor in the Colts record, outside of playing them twice a year; which they still have to do. The Texans have done everything they could at this point with an 11-2 record, it’s unbelievable how far Andrew Luck has carried them.

NF –  With a few power players getting older, do you think that the window is already closing for the Texans to dominate the AFC South for at least one or two more years?

TT–  While I do believe the window is closing for some power players, the Texans are a rare team that is one or two pieces away from staying atop the AFC South. I believe in building through the draft and getting the best available player no matter the position, and the Texans are a team that could use depth at every position but a few. Andre Johnson should be the biggest concern as he’s 31 years old. He’s been a beast in the league, but this is a young mans game, and Schaub will need more than him and Owen Daniels to catch some balls.

I would like to thank Antonio Furgiuele for his time and input. You can read more of Antonio’s work, and more of our Colts and Texans talk, at www.torotimes.com. Also, you can read the first part of our discussion here “Talking Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, Part One”.