Local Valet Arrested for Taking Reggie Wayne’s Vehicle on a Drunken Joyride


The night before Christmas may still be two weeks away, but someone seemed to be stirring in the wee hours this weekend, at the Westin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. On this night, it wasn’t a Grinch attempting to steal Christmas, but rather a valet at the hotel, allegedly attempting to steal Reggie Wayne’s car.

As star receiver Reggie Wayne and the Indianapolis Colts attempted to rest up at the team hotel before their home game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday morning, someone supposedly decided to try and re-enact a scene from Fast and Furious or “Gone in Sixty Seconds“, by allegedly taking Wayne’s 2007 Bentley on a drunken joyride. Gunner Belcher, 21, reportedly left his valet job at the Westin around 9pm on Saturday night, but did not clock out. When the car was nowhere to be found on Sunday morning, a hotel security guard said he recalled seeing a valet leave with the white Bentley around 9:45pm the previous night.

Attempts to contact Belcher were unsuccessful, but reports later confirmed that Belcher had been arrested around 2am Sunday morning, for driving while drinking. The vehicle Belcher was driving, was a 2007 white Bentley. Belcher was initially pulled over for obstructing traffic, but then failed a field sobriety test. Belcher’s blood alcohol level reportedly tested at 0.13, which is nearly double the legal limit in Indiana.

The car was impounded, and was later returned to Wayne.