Indianapolis Colts Win in Fantastic Fashion


Rookie sensation Andrew Luck overcame a three-interception game on Sunday to help catapult the Indianapolis Colts to a last-second victory over the Detroit Lions. Luck did not have his best day as a pro, but did his best when it mattered the most. Sunday’s win in Detroit was the record-tying fifth game-winning drive for the rookie this season.

Not only did Luck make the game-winning shuffle pass that led to the final touchdown, but he also saved a Detroit touchdown, by pushing one of the Lions out of bounds after an intercepted pass. He also ran for 33 yards in the game, helping to push the game’s final drive along. He may not have played perfect, but he once again played with poise when the game was on the line. Luck threw 54 passes, for just under 400 yards, connecting with eight different receivers in the process.

The Colts are still in the driver’s seat when it comes to a wildcard playoff berth, and still find themselves in contention to win the AFC South. The charmed season continues for the Indianapolis Colts, who have officially guaranteed themselves a regular season record of at least 8-8 or better.