Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs Detroit Lions, Part One


The Indianapolis Colts will try to upgrade their troubles on the road this Sunday, when they travel to face the Detroit Lions. The injury-riddled Indianapolis defense will do their best to deal with a high-powered Detroit offensive airial attack. To further discuss this week 13 match-up, I got in contact with Zac Snyder, editor of the Lions’ website www.sidelionreport.com.

Naptown’s Finest – What is your opinion of the Lions so far this season?

Side Lion Report – It has been disappointing but I wasn’t expecting them to suddenly become a Super Bowl team this year anyway. What I had hoped for was another 10-win season and playoff appearance. While that wouldn’t represent an improvement in results over last year it would represent a step forward for the franchise since they have never had back to back seasons of at least 10 wins. And Peyton Manning had how many in Indy?

NF – How hot is the seat for head coach Jim Schwartz?

SLR – Not really at all. There are some fans starting to make a little bit of noise wondering if he is the right guy like we all thought he was but there is no reason to make a change and so far there is no tangible faction of fans calling for such. A repeat of this season next year and that might change.

NF – What do you think of Ndamukong Suh‘s antics on and off of the field, and do you think he intentionally booted Matt Schaub in the coin purse?

SLR – I like him as a player and I’m glad he’s part of the Lions but the constant media barrage is tiresome. No doubt that Suh has brought a lot of it on himself but it is to the point where every little traffic incident is in the news and I wish it would just end. I don’t see how Suh could have intended to go for Schaub’s junk consider the way he was falling over but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did mean to make contact (I won’t say kick) with Schaub.

You can read more of our discussion about the Lions and the Colts with Zac Snyder on Side Lion Report.com, and read the second half of this conversation on Naptown’s Finest.com, which will be posted soon.