Rookies Break Records for Indianapolis Colts


When the reloading Indianapolis Colts franchise went very heavy on offense in the 2012 NFL Draft, it raised many an eyebrow with fans and the media. The Colts drafted no less than seven offensive players in April, and five of those players have found their way into starting positions on this roster. Three months into this season, the upstart Colts have an amazing 7-4 record, and have already silenced many of the critics who questioned their 2012 draft class.

The obvious bulk of the credit for this young team’s success has gone to rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. Not only has Luck led this team into the driver’s seat for a playoff spot, but he has been breaking rookie records left and right in the process. Luck has already thrown for more 300-yard games than any rookie in history. Earlier this season, Luck threw for more yards in a single game than any rookie in history. Luck is on pace to break the most passing yards ever by a rookie, and is tied right now for the most games won in the first season by a number one overall draft pick. Those statistics alone are excellent and overwhelming, but there is still plenty of time left in this season for this rookie sensation to do even more.

During Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills, another member of the Colts’ rookie class made a bit of history himself. Rookie wide out T.Y. Hilton had both touchdowns during the Colts’ 20-13 victory over the Bills, one receiving, and one on a punt return. Hilton’s two scores on offense and special teams not only helped the Colts get a huge home win, but also made him the only player in the history of the Indianapolis Colts to score on a pass and a punt return in a single game.

This young Colts offense is learning how to win together. They have been experiencing highs and lows together all season, and growing into a team that has already shocked the NFL with their poise and quick progression. The future of this season for the Colts is still unclear, but they have already done enough to prove that their 2012 draft class could help carry this team for a long time to come.