Monday Morning Quarterback: Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills


The Indianapolis Colts did just enough to hold off the Buffalo Bills at Lucas Oil Stadium in week 12. Following the game, I once again got in contact with Jack Goods, editor of the Bills website, to see what he thought of the 20-13 Colts victory.

Naptown’s Finest – What was your opinion of the Bills’ performance on Sunday?

Buffa Low Down –  The Bills defense showed up, and that was the real positive to take away from this game from a Buffalo perspective. Mario Williams’ three sack three tackle day was probably his best game of the season. Marcel Dareus, who has struggled in his sophomore campaign, looked much better as well. The offense was where things looked much worse, especially Ryan Fitzpatrick. He had many chances to make great passes and just missed. Its another game where Bills fans are wondering how different things would be if they had a better signal caller.

NF – What was your opinion of Andrew Luck and the Colts?

BLD – The Colts were not dominant in my eyes in any facet of the game, but they were good enough to win. Andrew Luck was very calculated in his attack of the defense, and I was impressed with his mobility. This team is definitely a contender because of him, they don’t really have the weapons (besides Reggie Wayne) to make things super easy for Luck. The pass rush was solid, but their were many open receivers that Fitzpatrick just missed.

NF – Where do you see the Bills going from here, for the remainder of the season?

BLD –  The Bills season continues, but there isn’t really a ton of hope here in Buffalo. Many fans are already looking to the draft to answer some of these teams pressing needs. Jacksonville is our next opponent, and with their play today its no easy win scenario. It should be interesting to see if the season can still be salvaged.

You can read more of Jack Goods’ opinions of this game at Buffa Low