Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills, Part Two


The Indianapolis Colts will host the Buffalo Bills at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, in a big game for both teams. For this week 12 match-up, I got in touch with Jack Goods, editor for the Bills’ website, www.buffalowdown.com, to talk about his opinions of what to expect from running back C. J. Spiller and the rest of the Bills, against the Colts.

Naptown’s Finest – C.J. Spiller is having an amazing year. what are your impressions of the impressive Buffalo running game?

Buffa Low Down–  Spiller has easily become the most electrifying member of this Bills team. He is the reason they will have success, and if he isn’t getting as many touches as he should the team normally loses. Fred Jackson will be back in this week after missing the Miami game with a concussion, but Chan Gailey has already named Spiller the starter. If he has momentum, C.J. is very hard to stop.

NF – The New England Patriots barely beat the Bills in week 10, then beat down the Colts in week 11. The Bills seem to always play the Pats close, but have a tendency to fall a bit short. What do you attribute this to, and what could the Bills do to get over the hump?

BlD – The Bills took advantage of the Patriots defense in their last match-up in a way that the Colts weren’t able to. When it came down to it the Bills defense had a very difficult time stopping Tom Brady and the New England offense, giving up 37 points. The offensive unit has weapons that can take advantage of mediocre defenses.

NF –  What are you expecting from the Bills for the remainder of this season?

BLD – .I’m expecting the Bills to at least win a few more games. Every game left on the schedule is somewhat winnable. I’d say that the Colts are arguably the hardest match-up. Jacksonville, St. Louis, Seattle, Miami, and the Jets are all teams that Buffalo could beat. I won’t say I’m betting they go 9-7 or better, but I wouldn’t be surprised by it.

I’d like to thank Jack Goods for his time and input. You can read more of Jack’s work, and more of our discussion about the Colts and Bills at www.buffalowdown.com. You can also read the first part of our conversation, “Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills, Part One”.