Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills, Part One


The Indianapolis Colts (6-4) will host the Buffalo Bills (4-6) in week 12. Both teams are fighting for a wild card playoff spot in the AFC, and both teams need the win drastically. This week, I got in touch with Jack Goods, editor of the Buffalo Bills website, www.buffalowdown.com, to discuss this meeting between two young up-and-coming teams.

Naptown’s Finest – What is your opinion of the Buffalo Bills at this point in the season?

Buffa Low Down –  The Buffalo Bills are in a very interesting position at this point in the season. Sometimes they look pretty terrible, other times they look decent. This is a team that I could see going 9-7, but I also could very easily see going 6-10. We still haven’t figured out exactly what they are.

NF – What were the expectations for the Bills from the fans and media before the start of the season?

BLD –  Going into the season the Bills were at least expected to compete for a playoff spot. Besides the losses to the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans, the season has for the most part gone as planned when it comes to wins and losses. On the field the major discrepancy between expectations and actual play is the play of the defense, which was supposed to be much stronger this season with the additions of Mario Williams, Mark Anderson, and Stephon Gilmore. Although they have played a bit better in recent weeks (especially Mario, who underwent a wrist procedure) they are still far from where they were hoping to be.

Stay tuned for the second-half of my discussion with Jack Goods from Buffa Low Down.com, which will be posted soon.