Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Looking Back at Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots


Things were competitive for the first half of the week 11 match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. Things got ugly early in the second half of Sunday’s game. Once again, I got in contact with Joe Soriano, the editor of Patriots’ fan website, www.musketfire.com, to see what he thought about the big win for New England.

Naptown’s Finest – How surprised were you by the outcome of Sunday’s game?

Musket Fire – Very surprised. I was fairly certain the Patriots would come out on top, but this wasn’t supposed to be a blowout. The Colts defense is poor and is banged up, but you still never expect to put up 59 points and force three picks on a very good QB.

NF –  What were your impressions of this Colts team?

MF – The Colts offense is basically Andrew Luck and the passing game trying to carry a running game that just doesn’t work and gets overrated by some people who actually think Vick Ballard is a solid back. The defense consists of a good pass rush and some strong pieces at LB and S, but the corners are awful even when Vontae Davis starts. It’s hard to get a real feel for this Colts team with Davis out- and struggling when healthy- and this is a team whose record flattered them when they came into this game.

NF – What will this win mean for the Patriots going forward this season?

MF –   Even without Gronk, the Patriots are in for a big last half of the season and the momentum feels like it has shifted after that huge win. That’s going to be important for the Patriots, because the second-half features games against the two best teams in the NFL; the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers.