Discussing the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the Indianapolis Colts in Week Ten, Part Two


The Indianapolis Colts have little time to rest, as they travel to face the Jacksonville Jaguars for a week ten divisional match-up. Listed below is the remainder of my conversation with Mr. Sims, editor of the Jaguars website www.blackandteal.com , discussing the second of two games between these two teams this season.

Naptown’s Finest Justin Blackmon caught his first career touchdown last Sunday. How are him and quarterback Blaine Gabbert working out?

Black and Teal – Justin Blackmon has been a disappointment.  The Jags have been trying very hard to get him involved in the offense but he hasn’t displayed the sure-handed catching he did in college or the preseason.  He has boggled balls and been inconsistent each time Blaine Gabbert has thrown to him.  I think it is rapidly becoming apparent that Gabbert is putting his game together.  When allowed to throw extensively he has delivered, including his first 300 yard game against the Packers.  Gabbert’s throws have a lot of zip on them and are mostly on target.  While there are a few throws that go high I think that with more attempts each game (or earlier attempts) the positives of his play will far outweigh the negatives.

NF  Rashad Jennings hasn’t done much since Maurice Jones-Drew got injured. What can we expect from the Jaguars on offense, without their best player?

BT – I think that you can expect a continued poor showing from the running game and not much of a different game plan.  Jennings was a valued part of this roster coming into the season but has underperformed drastically.  While I think the game plan won’t change you should expect some more throws from Gabbert if only by virtue of them probably playing from behind in this game.  Expect 50-70 yards rushing from Jennings but maybe 250-300 yards from Gabbert.  The fans would love to see OC Bob Bratkowski take the leash off and let him come out throwing, but there is no history to suggest that he will be that aggressive in his play calling.

NF – The Colts gave the Jaguars their only victory of the season so far? What do you expect from Thursday’s game?

BT – I expect the Colts to jump out early against the Jaguars and fight to hold them off the rest of the game. I won’t suggest a Jacksonville win purely because of how close the last game was and how poorly the Jags have played at home this season, but I think it is possible the Jaguars could come close or maybe slip past late in the game again.  On the whole it’ll be a big day for Andrew Luck but maybe not a lot of points.  23-17 for the Colts.

Once again, I’d like to thank Mr. Sims for our collaborations this season. Make sure to check out more of his views on this game at www.blackandteal.com . You can also read the first part of our discussion here: “Discussing the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts in week Ten, Part One”