Indianapolis Colts Show Respect for Chuck Pagano


Following the inspirational appearance by their head coach before and after Sunday’s home win against the Miami Dolphins, some of the Indianapolis Colts players decided to show respect and appreciation for the fight against leukemia that Chuck Pagano has been going through. Pagano’s post-game speech has quickly become the stuff of legend, and his players have quickly found a way to publicly share how much they care.

On Tuesday, over 25 Colts players and staff members got a buzz, by getting their heads shaved. The Indianapolis staff and players took the close shave to show their appreciation for their head coach. A little bit of a hair cut is a simple, yet substantial, way to show support for the battle that their head coach is going through on a daily basis. Regardless of the season or the sickness or the circumstance, Pagano and his team still have a long way to go, before they are in the clear.

The media notoriety of this story should not subdue the importance of how hard Pagano has fought, and how hard he still has to fight. This team has exceeded expectations so far, and Pagano would possibly be the first to dismiss the fact that they were doing it strictly for him. Many people have been affected by this illness, and many others have been inspired by their loved ones who defeated it.

Look up #CHUCKSTRONG on for more information on how do donate to this cause.