Discussing the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts in Week Ten, Part One


On Thursday night, the Indianapolis Colts (5-3) travel to face the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7), for their only prime time game of the year, and the second of two games against the Jags. For the second time this season, I sent out some questions about this AFC South divisional match-up to Mr. Sims, editor of the Jaguars website, www.blackandteal.com.

Naptown’s Finest – A lot has changed since the Jags defeated the Colts in week three. What is the state of the Jaguars going into week ten?

Black and Teal – The Jags are stumbling right now.  After beating the Colts they wallowed in a funk until after the bye week when they had two very competitive games against the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers.  Unfortunately the momentum they had built up over those two weeks fizzled against the Detroit Lions.  Fortunately for the Jags they know that they can beat the Colts because they have already.  Whether they can do it without Maurice Jones-Drew, however, is a major question.

NF – What are the feelings from the fan base and ownership, after a 1-7 start to this season?

BT Owner Shahid Khan has not made a move like Bud Adams in Tennessee and has yet to call out his team and demand better play.  I think it is obvious to both the fans and Khan that the team should move away from GM Gene Smith and they probably will.  To some in the fan base it’s simply a matter of when.  Personally, and for those in the middle of the fan base, I think that Mike Mularkey should be allowed to stay as head coach for a season more at a minimum, especially given the progress that (quarterback) Blaine Gabbert has been making in the latter half of the season.

Keep up with Naptown’s Finest for the second-half of my discussion with Mr. Sims, concerning the Colts and Jags on Thursday night, to kick off week ten. Make sure to look up Mr. Sims on www.blackandteal.com for more observations about this big divisional match-up.