Questions About the Indianapolis Colts vs Miami Dolphins, Part One


The Indianapolis Colts (4-3) will host the Miami Dolphins (4-3) in week nine. This game, which was poo-pooed on the schedule early in the season, all of a sudden has serious AFC playoff implications. This week, I contacted Brian Miller, editor of, to see what he thought about this week nine match-up.

Naptown’s Finest–  What is your opinion about the Dolphins so far this season?

Phin Phanatic– It’s been surprising.  I don’t think any realistic fan would have believed the team would be playing like this.  Two missed field goals in OT away from being  6-1 is impressive.  It’s the way they are playing that is so surprising though.  They are playing like a team instead of individuals.

NF– Are you surprised by the Dolphins current 3-game winning streak?

PP- Honestly, not really.  I do a Dolphins radio show on Tuesday nights on and I said after the Cardinals loss in week 4 that this team could win the next three to five games if they learned to play to win with a lead instead of playing to hold on to a lead.  They have done that.  Again, it’s the way they have played that surprises me the most.

NF- What are your impressions of rookie head coach Joe Philbin?

PP– So far so good.  He is a teaching coach and I think that is the most important attribute he has.  Coaches are all tedious and focused on the small things but he takes the time to show a player how to do is instead of simply yelling at them about doing it wrong.  I think in this short period of time, he has earned the respect of his players.

Look for the remainder of my discussion with Brian Miller from Phin Phanatic, which will be posted soon.