Discussing the Miami Dolphins vs the Indianapolis Colts, Part Two


Listed below is the remainder of my discussion about Sunday’s game between the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts with Brian Miller from www.phinphanatic.com. I asked Brian a few questions about his impressions of the Colts, and what he might expect from this week nine match-up between two young surpising teams.

Naptown’s Finest–  Quarterback Matt Moore came in after Ryan Tannehill got hurt and played well in the week 8 win. How do you feel about both quarterbacks?

Phin Phanatic – I’m actually one of the few writers who was pleased when the Dolphins signed Moore last off-season.  I said prior to the lockout that Moore should be a target of the Dolphins.  The problem is he doesn’t practice well.  He needs to improve on that.  He also needs to learn to play with his back against the wall instead of coming off the bench to take over a game.  Tannehill is as impressive to us as Luck is to the Colts fans.

NF – What do you expect from the Dolphins against the Colts on Sunday?

PP – I think this is going to be a hard fought game and really believe it’s not about which QB wants it more but more of which team wants it more for their QB.  It’s going to be a dog fight.

I’d like to thank Brian Miller for his time and input. You can read more from Brian on www.phinphanatic.com, and you can read the first part of our discussion about the Colts and Dolphins here: “Discussing the Miami Dolphins vs the Indianapolis Colts, Part one”