Chuck Pagano Surprises Team with Visit


The players and members of the coaching staff that were scattered around the Indianapolis Colts training facility on Monday were treated to a surprise visit from head coach Chuck Pagano. Pagano, who was recently released from a local hospital after leukemia treatment, had not been seen at the facility since late September.

Pagano, who is preparing himself for another round of chemotherapy treatment, has been successfully battling leukemia all of this month. The news of his visit spread warmly through the franchise, and pleased the players and coaches who got the chance to see the face of their rookie head coach for the first time in a long time. Pagano stopped by with his wife, Tina, mid-day on Monday, and stayed at the Colts complex for a few hours. In total Pagano fashion, the coach even sat in on a  meeting between interim head coach, Bruce Arians, and his assistants.

There is no time table for Pagano’s return, and it’s possible that the coach may not be able to return to the Colts this season. Still, after being released from the hospital, and then stopping back in to see his team, there are definitive indications that Pagano is indeed “CHUCKSTRONG”.