Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans


Following the Indianapolis Colts’ 19-13 overtime victory against the Tennessee Titans in week eight, I reached back out to Jason Peters from www.TitanSized.com to see what he thought about the game. Listed below is our discussion.

Naptown’s Finest–  What was your overall impression of the game?

Titan Sized– . My overall impression of the game was mixed. Obviously, as the Titans lost in dramatic fashion during overtime, I was a bit forlorn at the results, especially in light of the rather controversial non-fumble by Dwayne Allen late in the fourth. I thought that the two squads were rather evenly matched, as evidenced by the OT push, and that it was one of those closely contested battles that gets won or lost by the results of a few big plays. Both squads are clearly young, and have yet to fully develop their identities on either side of the ball. It was a good victory by the Colts, though, and congratulations go out to the team for their now winning record.

NF-  What did you think of head coach Mike Munchaks’ decision to punt the ball away late, rather than trying a possible game-winning long field goal?

TS–  It’s easy to say in light of the final outcome that we should have gone for the kick, but even at the time, I thought it was a calculated risk we needed to take. The wind was to  Rob Bironas’ back, and he has booted 60 yarders before. I think this speaks to what I perceive to be Munchak’s biggest weakness, which is that he is way to even-keel. Any young team feeds off of the attitude of it’s head coach, as seen in previous seasons in the likes of Detroit, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco. Even Bill Belichick, for all of his calculated press meetings, is a bit reckless at times, and I feel that you have to have that edge if you want to create an intimidating squad. Munchak needs to be a bit more of a gambler, and should have been in this situation.

NF– What was your impression of this Colts team?

TS–  As I mentioned earlier, the Colts look like a young team with promise that just needs some time to bring it all together. I think that Reggie Wayne is probably a great presence for the younger guys, and the Colts would be wise to bring in a first round receiver in the next year or two so that he can gain tutelage for Mr. Wayne. I still feel that Donald Brown needs to go, and you need to begin anew in your search for a running back. I also think it is unfair to critique the defense too much, as this was a transitional year, and while the Titans are no juggernaut on offense, you guys were able to keep us in check. I expect big things from the Colts in the coming years.