Indianapolis Colts (4-3)  19        Tennessee Titans (3-5)  13 First Road win since 2010? ..."/> Indianapolis Colts (4-3)  19        Tennessee Titans (3-5)  13 First Road win since 2010? ..."/>

Indianapolis Colts Report Card 10/28/2012


Indianapolis Colts (4-3)  19        Tennessee Titans (3-5)  13

First Road win since 2010? Check.  First Divisional Win? Check.  Rebuilding Project Ahead of Schedule?  Possible check.  Double the win total from last season? Check.  Hard to believe we are looking at a 4-3 Indianapolis Colts team that just pulled off their own Music City Miracle type win with the backwards dive of Vick Ballard.  But here we are and a few more wins for this Colts team could get them somehow in playoff position with as bad as the AFC is this season.  I still don’t think they’ll make the playoffs, but they could overshoot that 4-6 win total by a couple of games if they can get going.

Passing Game:  A

The game winning drive includes a game winning pass, so I have to give this an A.  Andrew Luck found Vick Ballard for a screen, and let him do his thing on the way to the end zone.

Running Game:  A

Who knew the Colts would out run the Titans 171-112?  That 5.0 per carry sure makes picking up another down easier as well. Donald Brown and Vick Ballard were a good tandem as each guy was able to pick up good yardage per carry.

Passing Defense :  C

Matt Hasselbeck goes for 236 yards with only 7 misses on his passing game.  That average of 8.1 yard per pass is way high, but with the Colts secondary, what do you expect?  He threw it around to all the different guys, and not one receiver really beat the Colts.  But giving up that big of yard per throw brings down the grade for me.

Running Defense:  B

Chris Johnson runs under 100 yards, which is bad for me as I have him in a fantasy league.  But it was good enough for the Colts to shut him down.  He had a week of 195 yards last week, so anything under that was probably good enough for the Colts.

Intangibles:  B

Getting a road win is never an easy task.  With as bad as the Titans are, some were counting this as an automatic win.  But then again, this isn’t a good Colts team, so they can’t chalk up anything as automatic. But finally putting away that 10 game road losing streak has to feel good.  Getting to 4-3 and surpassing last year’s win total has to feel even better.