Five Questions for the Indianapolis Colts vs New York Jets, Part Two


This week, I sat down to discuss the week six match-up between the New York Jets and the Indianapolis Colts, with Alan Schechter, editor of the Jets website, Listed below is the remainder of that discussion, over what to expect from the game, and what to expect from the Jets.

Naptown’s Finest –   What is the word on the street and in the local media concerning the Jets soap  opera?

The Jet Press –   It is all centered around Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez right now.   How long will Mark remain the starter?  Is it going to be “Tebow  Time”?  That’s the focus right now.  Until Mark plays like a top  flight quarterback, that is all it will be about.  Rex has continued to be  strong in the idea that Mark is his QB, but if he continues to struggle, we just  don’t know.

The only other part that has come up with a soap opera is Terrell  Owens.  For your readers that may not have heard, Terrell Owens tweeted out  his willingness to be a Jet, during the Monday night game against the  Texans.  When asked about Terrell, Rex Ryan said “Never say never”.  I  am sure the media here in NY is praying on a nightly basis that the Jets bring  TO in here.  Sources say they won’t, we can only hope, because that will  make the soap opera take a tragic turn.

NF – Is Rex Ryan wearing out  his welcome as a head coach?

TJP – Just like I did last week with the Toro  Times, I will go on record with you saying Rex Ryan will survive this  season.  He is getting the most he can out of the players that he  has.  The guy that is in the cross-hairs is believed to be GM Mike  Tannenbaum.  He has shown a clear lack of the ability, and seemingly the  interest, in adding pieces to this offense, and now they are suffering.   Many believe he will at the very least be demoted, if not  fired.

NF –   How is Mark Sanchez’ New York State of mind right  now, and how long is his leash?

TJP – That is the million dollar question, how  long is Mark’s leash?  He remains confident in himself, but a lot of the  answers about him are misleading.  Rex says that Mark is the starter, but  won’t verbally commit long term.  Same thing with Woody Johnson in  interviews.  The resounding feeling here in NY is that the move for Tebow  was for publicity, and what better way can Woody generate said publicity other  than getting his guy, Tebow, in the game.  We just have no idea  when.

I’d like to thank Alan Schechter for his time and his input. Check out the first part our our discussion here:

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