Five Questions about the Indianapolis Colts vs New York Jets, Part One


This week, I contacted Alan Schechter, editor for the New York Jets website, The Indianapolis Colts make their first road trip since week one, to do battle with the soap opera that is Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan, and Mark Sanchez. I asked Alan a few questions about what to expect when the Colts and Jets clash on Sunday.

Naptown’s Finest – What is the current state of the New York  Jets right now?

The Jet Press – The Jets are in a better state than they were last week,  that’s for sure.  After the 49ers game, it felt like the team was on the  brink of coming unglued, but after being able to keep with the Texans until the  very end of the football game, things are back to normal.  The team now  knows the season isn’t over for them, and they do seem ready to move ahead and  stay competitive.

NF – What did you think about bringing in Tim Tebow  at first, and what do you think about it now?

TJP – Hated it then, hate it  now.  He’s not a great quarterback, as we all have seen when he has to  throw the ball.  My readers know this, but I consider him a gimmick, and  not a long term solution to very much.  But, now that he is on the team, we  root for everyone right?  So, we deal.  But, the Jets have had clearly  no plan for how to use him.  They throw him in haphazardly, no real rhyme  or reason to it, and that makes it worse.  They talked about the secret  plan for the Wildcat, well, where is it?  It doesn’t seem to exist.   Why bring him here if you weren’t going to use him correctly?

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