Will it be Tim Tebow Time for the Indianapolis Colts in Week Six?


The New York Jets (2-3) are a mess. The team, who lost at home to the Houston Texans (5-0) on Monday Night Football, has been a soap opera since the off season, and are one or two losses away from totally losing control of their division. The New England Patriots (3-2), don’t have a huge lead over the AFC East divisional race, but certainly look much more ready to roll into the playoffs than the Jets do.  The question is now, as it has been all season, do the Jets give Tim Tebow a shot at the starting quarterback position?

In week six, the Jets have a chance to redeem themselves at home, against the Indianapolis Colts (2-2). The soap opera will match up against the current media darlings, when the most over-exposed team in the NFL welcomes in the most heart-warming story in the league. The Colts have recently shocked the world by beating one of the NFL’s best teams, and dedicating the win to their hospitalized head coach. The Jets have been waiting to flip the switch on their starting quarterback position since the second week of the season.

The next few days will bring much mud slinging, finger-pointing and speculation over what the Jets should do. The obvious answer is to let Tim Tebow take over the team. The home crowd has turned on Mark Sanchez, and much of the media will soon follow suit. Sanchez has thrown for only three touchdowns since week one, but has thrown five interceptions. Even if the Jets go down in flames with Tebow, at least they tried.

In this reporter’s humble opinion, the Colts need to start watching some Tebow tape from last year.