Five Questions About the Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers, Part Two


This week, I got in touch with Raymond Rivard, editor of the Green Bay Packers website, and asked him a few questions about the match-up between the Packers and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Here below is the remainder of our discussion.

Naptown’s Finest –  Are the Packers closer to the team who lost against the 49ers in week one, or the team who destroyed the Bears in week two?

Lombardi Ave –  I would like to think the team is closer to the squad that destroyed the Bears. The defense, is the big question mark and it depends on which unit shows up. Though the offense will have to go without starting WR Greg Jennings, they still have plenty of weapons on that side of the ball. The real question is whether the Packers defense can stop teams from moving up and down the field via the pass. With three straight on the road, it will be a huge test for them.

NF – What is your biggest concern about this Green Bay team?

LA –  I would have to say that the defense, especially the pass defense, is the biggest concern. The Packers are playing up to five rookies at any given time on that side of the ball and though there is some real talent among that group, they have been exposed at times. We don’t want to see this unit fall to the depths they fell to last year and to avoid that they’ve got to have some shutdown games. It all starts over again this weekend when the Packers face Andrew Luck. The Packers defense is based on confusing quarterbacks with multiple looks. It will be interesting to see if they are able to do that against the Colts’ outstanding rookie.

I would like to thank Raymond Rivard for his time, info, and courtesy. Check out part one of our discussion here – “Questions About the Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers, Part One”

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