Five Questions About the Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers, Part One


The Indianapolis Colts will host the Green Bay Packers in week five. This week, I reached out to Raymond Rivard, editor of the Green Bay Packers website I asked Raymond a few questions about the match-up between the Colts and Packers.

NAPTOWN’S FINEST –  What is your overall feeling about Green Bay’s season so far?

LOMBARDI AVE –  It’s been a rollercoaster of a season for the Packers. The loss to the Niners at home was very disappointing, but everyone chalked it up to the Niners’ defense. I just don’t think the Packers were in sync offensively and the defense was, well, not very aggressive and average, at best. They played really well against the Bears on both sides of the ball and then there was the debacle in Seattle. Last week’s win against the Saints was a real gut-check for the team, but a great win. Sitting at 2-2 is OK, but the team should realistically be 3-1. However, the 2-2 record is reflective of the so-so play of the team to-date and indicative of the rollercoaster they’ve been on.

NF –  How upset would the Green Bay fan base have been if the regular refs had helped to cost them a victory over the New Orleans Saints in week four, as the replacement refs did against the Seattle Seahawks in week three?

LA – . Upset probably wouldn’t be the appropriate adjective. The mushroom cloud you may have seen rising from northeastern Wisconsin would have probably been more appropriate. After the shafting in Seattle, had the Packers lost to the Saints because of the blown non-call on the fumble, fans would have been incensed and the talk would have turned into shouting, gnashing of teeth and major name-calling. I’m just really glad it didn’t come to that.

NF –  Who is the biggest threat to the Packers in the NFC North this season?

LA – Clearly the Bears have emerged as the biggest threat to the Packers, especially with their thrashing of Dallas on Monday night. The Lions have been a huge disappointment and nobody is quite sure what to think of the 3-1 Vikings. Ironically, the only loss the Vikes have suffered has been to your Colts. Though the Bears are 3-1, their only loss is to the Packers and I have the feeling this Chicago team will end up imploding by the end of the season. Though they sit at 2-2, the Packers are still in position to take over the division. Historically, Mike McCarthy teams have done very well inside the division and there’s no reason to think the team won’t do the same again this year.

Stay posted for the second-half of my discussion with Raymond from, which will be posted soon.