Chuck Pagano Diagnosed with “Serious Illness”


As the Sun rises after the Indianapolis Colts’ week four bye, in preparations for the team to battle the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, reports have come out stating that head coach Chuck Pagano is facing a far-more serious battle of his own.

Full details at this time are sketchy, but the first-year head coach may be be facing a treatable form of Leukemia. Pagano will miss at least the Green Bay game in week five, and could possibly miss six weeks or more with treatment. Pagano is currently at an Indianapolis-area hospital, and has been hospitalized since last week. The Colts will have a press conference with further details later on Monday.

Until further info is available on Pagano’s health and successful return, offensive coordinator Bruce Arains will take over as head coach. Stay posted to for updates as they occur.