Indianapolis Colts Have Slow Starts After Halftime


The Indianapolis Colts (1-2) have had a hard time closing out teams in this young season. In game one, the Colts were basically blown out by the Chicago Bears, as the game unraveled in the third quarter. In games two and three, the Colts went into halftime on a high note, but came back shaky and stumbled out of the gate.

In game two, the Minnesota Vikings had only three points at the half. The same was the case with the Jacksonville Jaguars in week three, where the Colts went to the locker room following a touchdown score with a double-digit lead. The Jaguars went into the third quarter with only three points, but blew up after halftime, and won the game 22-17.

Closing out teams in totally winnable game will prove paramount for a team that will find itself struggling for victories this season. The Colts will have to learn how to shut a team down, instead of attempting to simply outlast them. Things get no easier after the bye week, as the Green Bay Packers come to Lucas Oil Stadium in week five.