Will an Early Bye Week Help or Hurt the Indianapolis Colts?


The Indianapolis Colts held their final practice on Wednesday, and will now be off for the remainder of the week. Week four marks the first set of bye weeks for NFL teams, and the Colts will be off early. But will the early bye week be beneficial or poisonous for this young team?

The Colts have been struck early and often by injuries this season. An early bye week will give them time to heal, and will also give a team who hasn’t been too impressive in the second half of games so far some much-needed time to regroup. Not only do the Colts need to heal, they also need to re-think how they intend on closing out games.

The Colts go into their bye week with only one win for their first three efforts this season. Even if the team can heal up a bit, they still face 13 straight games with no other breaks to finish the season. On top of that, the Colts will come back from the bye week with a third straight home game, attempting to get back on a winning track against the Green Bay Packers.

Hopefully the Colts will watch a lot of film and do a lot of work on their bye week, before they meet up with the Packers on October 7th. Not a lot is expected from Indianapolis in the match-up against Green Bay in week 5, but some serious progress would be a great start to the rest of the season, for a team coming off of a week four bye.