Questions for the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts, Part one


This week, the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) travel to Lucas Oil Stadium, trying to get their first victory of the season against the Indianapolis Colts (1-1). For a few questions concerning this week three divisional match-up, I contacted Mr. Sims, the editor for the Jags website 

Naptown’s Finest – Maurice Jones-Drew is back in the fold, and looks like he hasn’t really missed a beat. How do you see his season panning-out?

Black and Teal –  MJD is definitely back on track, but he’s still learning the offense.  I do not think he will be the rushing champion this season, but as the weeks progress you can almost guarantee that he will get better and better.  Not only will he get better because he’ll find his groove, but he’s learning the offense still and the offensive line will be coming back from injuries.  It could be a rough second half of the season for defenses trying to stop him – especially when Rashad Jennings returns to spell him and provide that dual threat.

NF – Will MJD get his new money, or is the new ownership in Jacksonville setting him up to let him go eventually?

BT –  I do not think that MJD will get his money this season.  He may get it at the end of the season but that really comes down to how he plays.  If he looks like he could have a few more 1,000 yard seasons then I expect the front office will keep him.  If he looks like he’s on the decline then I doubt he’ll be offered much after his contract expires.  He is no longer the face of the franchise either, so that makes it especially difficult for him to leverage a new deal.  He is still the team’s lone superstar, but unless he performs at a high level consistently it would be difficult to justify giving him a massive extension.

NF – Quarterback Blaine Gabbert was an early 1st round draft pick last season. Is he the guy, and if not, then who?

BT –  If Gabbert isn’t “the guy” then this team is in for a rough season.  Gabbert took his lumps his rookie season and is still progressing.  The kid was only 21 during his entire first year starting for a team that had him third on the depth chart originally, it’s tough to rebound from that.  I see signs of Gabbert becoming “the man” right now and to be honest I think you’ll see some here in the game against the Colts on Sunday.  He has some offensive line issues to face right now, but the road to being the man is rarely easy, how he overcomes this adversity could define his career.

Stay posted for the remainder of my discussion with Mr. Sims, coming up on Saturday.

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