Five Questions About the Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings


On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts will look for their first win of the season in their home opener against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings look to remain undefeated, after winning their week one game in overtime against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Recently, I asked a few questions about the match-up and about the Vikings, with Dan Zinski, editor for .

NAPTOWN’S FINEST –  How impressed were you to see Adrian Peterson literally go “all day” and all the way in week one?
THE VIKING AGE – I was all ready for Adrian to make a token appearance in the first quarter and then let Toby Gerhart go the rest of the way, so let’s say I was pleasantly surprised when they left him in. I’m impressed by Adrian’s drive and of course what a freakish physical specimen he is. That said, I kind of hope they limit his touches in the next game. Let’s not push this. He himself admits he’s only 95% back.

NF – Leslie Frazier was on the Colts’ coaching staff during their last Super Bowl appearance. Was he the right choice to coach the Vikings, and how  long is his leash?

VA – The jury is still out on Frazier. He seems to have the players’ respect but to me he just seems in over his head at times. I’m sort of bugged by his befuddled demeanor on the sidelines. I’m not saying he should start ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth like Jim Harbaugh but, I just don’t think it instills a lot of confidence when your coach looks frozen. I don’t think there’s any way they fire Frazier during the season, because they’re rebuilding and it wouldn’t make any sense, but after the season all bets are off. A lot of people around here want Gruden.

NF – Christian Ponder got thrown into the fire  in 2011. Should the Vikings have taken another position player at his  spot in the draft and waited for another QB such as Andy Dalton?

VA – I can’t see much difference between Ponder and Dalton frankly. Dalton had the benefit of a solid offensive line last year and also a #1 receiver in A.J. Green. Ponder had neither of those things. I don’t really see the value in playing that “what if” game. They were going to take a QB there no matter what so speculating on who else they may have taken, it just doesn’t do a lot for me. That doesn’t mean I think Ponder will end up being the man of course. He’s taking strides but he still has a long way to go. He still gets skittish in the pocket and his reads are not always good.

NF – Where will the Vikings end up in the NFC North?

VA – With the Packers at 1-1 I’d like to say third, but we all know the Packers will get it together. So the Vikings, despite their nice little opening win, are still looking at finishing a distant last. Which is what everyone kind of expected.

NF –  If they have another sub-par season, will the Vikings be moved to the new L.A. Franchise? If not, then who?

VA – The Vikings have secured a deal for a new stadium in Minneapolis on the site of the Metrodome and will break ground on that some time next year. So they’re no longer in the L.A. discussion. I think they should move the Jets to L.A. and throw Tim Tebow in the ocean. But he’d just walk right across it wouldn’t he?