Dissecting Andrew Luck’s Disappointing Debut


Fans of the Indianapolis Colts quickly came back down to Earth last Sunday, after their visiting team lost to the home team Chicago Bears in week one of the 2012 season. Fans with lofty expectations were slapped upside the head with a hard dose of reality, as the Colts were exposed in every facet of the game. Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck was less than impressive in his pro debut, but that was not all his fault.

The position that Luck find himself in is a very difficult one. The number one overall draft pick is a tough spot in its own right, but Luck is trying to learn a totally new system as a pro, while also trying to be a team leader.  Not only is he taking over a totally fresh franchise, but he’s taking the reigns from one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. On top of that, he will constantly find himself compared week after week to the second-overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, some kid named Bob Griffin. It also doesn’t help that the opening-week performances from Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III were both practically flawless. Those statement games, coupled with the four-turnover outing for Luck, opened the floodgates for a tidal wave of concerns and comparisons right away.

Andrew Luck was not the reason that Chicago put up 41 points on the Colts. Luck wasn’t the one who missed a chip-shot field goal at the end of the first half. The three sacks that Luck took during the game were due to a combination of constant pressure and a shaky offensive line. At least one of Luck’s three interceptions most likely wouldn’t have even been thrown if Luck hadn’t expected a defensive offsides call. In that same respect, Luck did also have a pass dropped by a Chicago defensive back early in the game, that would have almost surely become an interception for a touchdown.

In the long run, all this loss really says, is that the 2012 Indianapolis Colts will not go undefeated. Considering the breakdowns in week one, Luck still remained vigilant under pressure. He didn’t waiver in the face of adversity, even when the game was seemingly out of reach. This team and its rookie quarterback are going to take their licks this season, but what will matter most is how they choose to regroup and bounce back.