2012 Indianapolis Colts schedule

2012 Indianapolis Colts schedule

Indianapolis Colts Season Preview


2012 Indianapolis Colts schedule

Sept. 9 at Chicago  LOSS
Sept. 16 vs. Minnesota  WIN
Sept. 23 vs. Jacksonville  WIN
Sept. 30 BYE
Oct. 7 vs. Green Bay  LOSS
Oct. 14 at NY Jets  LOSS
Oct. 21 vs. Cleveland  WIN
Oct. 28 at Tennessee  LOSS
Nov. 4 vs. Miami  WIN
Nov. 8 at Jacksonville (NFL Network)  LOSS
Nov. 18 at New England  LOSS
Nov. 25 vs. Buffalo  WIN
Dec. 2 at Detroit  LOSS
Dec 9. vs. Tennessee  WIN
Dec. 16 at Houston  LOSS
Dec. 23 at Kansas City  LOSS
Dec. 30 vs. Houston  WIN

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict the wins and losses for the Colts this coming season.  I usually just post the number of wins, which I think should be seven.  Six or Seven wins for this Colts team would have to be a good season in my mind.  Sure they wouldn’t be anywhere near playoff contention, but in their division, I don’t think they’re anywhere near the Texans.

In the division, I look for the Colts to split all the games.  That last game against the Texans could be meaningless for the Texans, so I can definitely see a win there.

A game against Cleveland, who I think looks worse than the Colts should be a win.  The Vikings could go either way for this team.  Those games against Buffalo and Miami are coin tosses as well. I gave the Colts the benefit of the doubt with those games.

The Packers and Patriots should take care of the Colts.  The Texans will probably put it on the Colts that first meeting.  I think if the Texans don’t make noise in the playoffs this year, they might never do that.

The biggest thing I want to see out of this year’s team is that they are competitive. I felt like last season, the games were gone before we knew it, and they couldn’t get back into it.  Sure there will be ups and downs for Andrew Luck, but he should be fine most once the season gets going.  He’ll get even better as the seasons go on.

The defense is where things could get scary for this year’s team.  We have Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney learning new positions, but they should be good to go.  It’s in the backfield, where safeties and corner backs are that’s a huge concern.  This team could get burned in the department against the better receivers of the league.  It might be put to the offense to put up a bunch of points, and hope that the lead holds.