Indianapolis Colts Prepare to Finish Preseason


Thursday night’s final preseason game won’t mean anything at all for most of the starters and the Indianapolis Colts as a franchise. For many of the back-ups on the team, this game could be the most important night of their season.

With final roster cuts being due by 9:00pm on Friday night, some of these new faces on the Colts sideline will be gone before the weekend. Thursday night’s game at Lucas Oil Stadium will be a showcase for the players on the brink of elimination to make one last push, in hopes of staying on the squad.

We won’t see much (if any) of the starting lineups, but that extra time for the second and third-string units will give this newly-formed coaching staff a chance who they will still with and who they will send home. The Colts still have several question marks in several areas, including cornerback and offensive line. In some spaces, the Colts are almost too full. The running back roster and the wide out spots are stacked, although still fairly light on super stars.

Thursday could be a big break for younger players, and new Colts to get their chance to be a part of this reloaded organization. The game might not matter in the long run, but we can expect to see some fight from these back-ups all the way through.