Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III: It Starts?


Well today begins the many times of comparing the number one and number two draft picks of the NFL Draft.  No matter what these guys say, you would think there’s a small part somewhere that says I want to do better than the other guy.  Maybe that’s just the old school mentality in me wanting that. It’s like I’ve stated in my pieces about a rivalry, give us some hate in the process.  Or some competitive spirit that says you know what I don’t like that guy across from me.

But knowing these two guys, you’ll probably get the cliched answers, and that’s fine for what it is. Let us fans pick which side of the fence we lean on, and we can decide who will have the better career.  As a Colts fan, I’m heavily leaning on Luck, but I think Griffin can do well for who he is.

Sure it would be more fun if one guy was on defense and the other guy is on offense, but you know that people will look at stats and say who had the better game even if both guys aren’t playing the full game.

No matter how hard these guys try, they will be linked because of this draft. Unless it ends up like Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf, where one took off, and the other just didn’t take off.