Are the Trade Winds Blowing for the Indianapolis Colts?


Jim Irsay, ostentatious owner of the Indianapolis Colts, sent out another of his ever-cryptic tweets on Thursday, indicating that another trade might be looming in the near future for this reloaded franchise. The Colts have been quite active in this off season, with both cuts, trades, and acquisitions. Most of these moves have been subtle efforts to bulk up certain thin positions on the roster, and have mostly flown under the radar to the rest of the NFL. But when it comes to Irsay, when there’s tweets, there’s fire.

There are rumors abound around Indianapolis as to which player or what position this trade might be. If their performance from last season was any indication, then the Colts have many roster spots that need help. The Colts have looked good in the preseason, more calm on offense and more aggressive on defense, than they looked last season.

The issue with these trade rumors is the fact that the Colts don’t have much to trade. Obviously, Indianapolis has draft pick up for grabs, and there is a strong possibility that the Colts’ 2013 NFL Draft picks will still be valuable ones. Still, this team is trying to build a monster from the ground up, and as such, will need every low-round draft pick that they can get.

As far as player trades, this roster doesn’t have much to offer either. The Colts cut ten starters and several former Pro Bowlers from their roster to make room for new blood. There have been whispers and shouts about a trade of defensive end-turned linebacker Dwight Freeney for quite some time now. Freeney hasn’t looked as dominant in his new position in this new defense, but that is to be expected. Freeney stands as one of the very few top notch trade prospects on this Colts roster, but would the Colts be able to get something equal in return for the type of talent that they would be offering another team?

The Colts might be better off staying as they are. Each team in the NFL will be cutting 20+ players on Monday, and Indianapolis will be the first team on the waiver wire to be able to get their pick of the litter. Sometimes, it’s better to lay low and let the big moves come to you.