Indianapolis Colts Show Fight in First Two Preseason Games


Even though the Indianapolis Colts are 1-1 after two preseason games, this reloaded team has showed promise in both games they have played in so far. After one blowout victory at home versus the St. Louis Rams 38-3, and one last-second loss at Heinz Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 26-24, the Colts have led the NFL in points scored so far.

The Colts have scored a total of 62 points in their two preseason games, which is a league-high. The defense has only given up 29 points, and two of those scores were a 57-yard screen pass scramble and an Andrew Luck interception by the Steelers  that was returned for a touchdown.

Even after those two big-play scores, Luck and the Colts rebounded with two touchdown drives of their own, eventually taking the lead in the game. Last year in college, seven of Luck’s interceptions were follwed by a touchdown on his next drive. This young man has showed strength, mobility, and poise early in this preseason.

The re-vamped Colts defense totally shut down St. Louis, and held their ground against the Steelers for the most part. For a defense filled with new faces and familiar faces in new places, the defense looks much more fired-up and aggressive then they were at any time last season.

The most-anticipated preseason In Indianapolis history continues this Saturday in the nation’s capital, against Andrew Luck’s fellow rookie quarterback draft pick  Robert Griffin III, and the Washington Redskins.