Should the Indianapolis Colts Call it Quits for Austin Collie?


After less than a game and a half in the 2012 preseason, Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver Austin Collie was shaken up with concussion-like symptoms. In the first half of their preseason game in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Collie took a shot to the head while going over the middle of the field to make a catch. The injury forced Collie to head back to the locker room, and he did not return to the game.

Concussions have been a concern for Collie and the Colts for several seasons. After missing seven games in the 2010 season due to two separate concussions, Collie returned to play all of last season for the Colts. Still, once head injuries become prominent for a player, every hard shot is a red flag, because each head injury just makes the situation that much more dangerous. Concussions have become a very serious issue for the NFL, with the league dealing with court cases, permanent brain trauma, and even suicides from former players who have suffered through these injuries in the past.

Austin Collie, entering into his fourth season in the NFL, is only 26 years-old. Still, a football career is not worth permanent injury. Collie has been moved into the second wide out slot behind Reggie Wayne, and has showed promise so far in the preseason.. Collie has a shown a good connection with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck already, but no job is worth brain damage.

Football is a gladiator sport, filled by danger and violence. These athletes are literally putting their bodies on the line every time they take the field, but the time eventually comes when we have to answer the question as to when is it time to throw in the towel, when the safety of your future is a concern