Some New Faces to Indianapolis Colts are Familiar for Other NFL Teams


With so many new faces on the roster and the coaching staff of the Indianapolis Colts, it’s not too surprising that some of these men might be new to the Colts, but are quite familiar in other places around the NFL. When the Colts travel to face Pittsburgh Steelers, some of the Colts will be returning to a place that they used to call home, while others will be prepared to do battle in more familiar territory than others.

New Colts offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, knows Heinz Field and the Pittsburgh Steelers very well. Arians was part of the Pittsburgh offensive coaching staff from 2004-2011. He also served as the offensive coordinator for the Steelers from 2007-2011. Arians helped the Steelers reach three AFC Championship games and two Super Bowls during his time on their coaching staff, winning a title with that team in  2005 and 2008. Arians has brought his successful offensive strategies to Indianapolis, hoping to implement the same ideals and successes to this relaoded team.

Running back Mewelde Moore was brought into a crowded Colts backfield earlier this off season, bringing a much-appreciated veteran presence to the young running back roster. Moore is a eight-year veteran who was initially drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, but played for the Steelers from 2008-2011. Moore has been dealing with banged-up ribs since last Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams, so his availability for the game at Pittsburgh is still up in the air.

New head coach Chuck Pagano, safety Tom Zibikowski, and defensive end Cory Redding were all playing a role with the Baltimore Ravens last season, before moving over to Indianapolis. As part of the Ravens, these new Colts had the chance to battle against the Steelers at least twice every year, and sometimes again in the playoffs.

So even if this rookie-heavy team might have wide eyes when the step on to the hostile territory of Heinz Field, they will be able to look towards several other players and coaches to guidance and assistance as how to handle the Steelers in Pittsburgh.