Andrew Luck’s Debut


What a start to the Andrew Luck era.  Some might call it lucky, but hey finding Donald Brown for a small dump off in the face of pressure that leads to a touchdown is saying something.  I thought for the most part, Luck looked comfortable with the offense, and wouldn’t think there was much turnover with the team.

There were a couple of bad throws, but there were some drops by the receivers as well.  There’s obviously something special there, and once he gets even more comfortable with what guys are doing, this will be quite the quarterback.

That line will have to make sure he’s got the protection, and I know he’ll find an open guy.  He even took off on that small scramble when the play broke down, and safely slid as to not get hit.  There were a couple of good shots taken on Luck, but he held in there against pressure most of the way.

I don’t think we’ll know what he can truly do until the first game as that usually tough Bears defense will be coming.  Sure teams are coming now in the preseason, but things are very scripted and you can tell what’s going to happen. Now come first game, there’s going to be rushers trying to get to him as fast as they can.  Luck should be able to face it, and hopefully rise above it.

Being live at the game, there were plenty of Luck jerseys to go around, and another performance like yesterday should bring in even more of those.