Indianapolis Colts Have All Rookies Signed


In the past week, the Indianapolis Colts have come to terms with their top three picks from the 2012 NFL Draft. First to sign was number one overall pick Andrew luck. The quarterback took some time to get signed before rookie mini-training camp began on Monday. Eventually, the Colts got their man ready to go, and the last remaining draft picks fell into place, by signing earlier this week. These additions mean that Luck and his fellow rookie tight ends will all be in camp on time, which will give this unpolished offense all the much-needed practice time together that they can get.

First of the two tight ends to sign was third round pick Dwayne Allen, followed a mere few hours later by second round pick Coby Fleener. Fleener was Luck’s college teammate, and his favorite target during their time at Stanford University. Allen, projected by many as the top tight end in the draft, brings a different type of skill set to this new Colts offense.  Both tight ends will assist their rookie quarterback with giving him short range targets, and with help in the blocking scheme.

The fact that the Colts used their second and third round picks on two tight ends raised a few questions. Still, the decision could prove to be quite beneficial for the growth and production of this young quarterback. Most of the Colts roster has been under reconstruction, but nearly the entire offense has been totally overhauled. The fact that all of the Colts draft picks are now signed and ready for training camp to begin on Sunday, will be nothing but good for this team.