Andrew Luck’s Contract Signing Opens a New Chapter for Indianapolis Colts


Now that the Indianapolis Colts have their new starting rookie quarterback signed and locked up for at least four years, the true reloading process can officially begin and get underway. Everything that has lead up to this point was merely a precursor the beginning of what could be the dawning of a new age of success for the Indianapolis Colts with Andrew Luck and a company of fresh young talent.

Now that Luck has signed on the dotted line (around $22 million for four years, with a fifth-year option) the flood gates will open from all angels, and the true criticism will begin. All of the comparisons Luck has faced so far, will be small potatos compared to how every pass, pick, touchdown, win, and loss will be scrutinized in comparison to the gigantic shadow this young man has stepped into. The sad thing is, that none of these forced comparisons are Luck’s fault. Us in the media will force the same questions and measuring sticks into Luck’s face ad nauseum, week after week. all he can do is step into training camp with the Colts next week, and take control of this team, to be who he is as a player and not who every pundit and fan in the country wants or expects him to be.

Luck’s contract signing opens the door for the future of the Colts, and theoretically closes and locks another era behind it. Maybe some day, he echos of the past will quiet down. It might take some amazingly hard work and a lot of sucess for Andrew Luck to meet or exceed expectations from people outside of the Colts franchise, but he has already earned some respect by just handling the situation he was drafted into with positivity and patience.