#HorseBytes: Mainstream Media


The 2012 Colts may lack some respect from the rest of the league. Why else would the team be awarded with just one primetime time slot in the upcoming season? But I have a feeling many will be eating their words in the coming months. Already some are beginning to take notice of the poise, talent, and character in place on this team. As new head coach Chuck Pagano notes, the Colts are most definitely not “rebuilding.” That “‘R’ word” may be prohibited, but another is being advocated – “reloading.”

So what will fire when this team kicks off in September – bullets, pellets, or duds? Before you give a definitive answer, check out these videos that circulated online this past week. After viewing, I think you may side with me in that this team is fully loaded with some ready-to-fire bullets.

The NFL is reviewing a team a day in its “32 in 32” series. Up first on the list? You guessed it – the Colts. The NFL Network crew replays some pretty unpleasant footage from last season’s losses, but there’s a great interview with Coach Pagano as well as some insightful opinions about how Andrew Luck’s rookie season will pan out in this segment.

Additionally, Andrew Luck and Dwayne Allen – the Colts’ first and third draft selections this year – were featured in the NFL’s “Everything to Prove” series, which profiles several notable rookies as they transition from college to the professional level. This particular segment documents Luck and Allen on their respected draft days – their emotions, expectations, and reactions. Although Luck and Allen had vastly different draft experiences – Luck knew he was to be the first pick even before the draft began, while Allen was drafted 2 rounds later than he expected. However, both players still feel like they have a lot to prove. Luck has some big shoes to fill, and Allen wants to show the other 31 teams who passed on him that they made a big mistake.


Also featured on a televised segment was the Colts’ second round selection – tight end Coby Fleener, who was also a teammate of Andrew Luck at Stanford (He happened to be Luck’s favorite target). Fleener is – to put it frankly – a beast! There’s evidence of this in his very own “Sports Science” episode. Please watch this video – Fleener dunks footballs in 11-foot baskets and takes down two sumo wrestlers!


But we can’t forget the veteran receivers still on the Colts roster. I’ll admit – few remain – but the men that do are pretty talented. Austin Collie was stellar in 2010, nearly equalling his 2009 rookie season numbers in half the games, until he suffered two serious concussions that knocked him out for the second half of the season. He was completely healthy in 2011, but without Peyton Manning, he wasn’t quite as productive as he had been the prior year. Collie will be looking to rebound in 2012, and he expressed his excitement about the coming year in a recent NFL news story. I personally have no doubt that Collie will return to form with Andrew Luck under center.

The Colts will be drumming up excitement for their players in the upcoming season during their inaugural Tailgate Tour. Meet the Colts and Colts Cheerleaders at various locations throughout Indiana in June and July! A full schedule has been posted on the Colts’ calendar.

Andrew Luck will be joining the Colts again very soon! Progress should only continue as we near the 2012 season. There’s a lot to be excited about, so check back in with #HorseBytes next Friday, when I’ll share more Colts news with you from Twitter and elsewhere.