Will Fans Support this year’s Indianapolis Colts?


This seems to be the biggest question about the up coming Colts season, and my simple answer is yes, fans will be there.  I think with all the success this franchise has put together and the idea that the Colts will have this stud of a rookie quarterback coming into to become the man here, how could fans not give their support? I think this would be the best time to show that Indianapolis isn’t some “fair-weather” fan town.  This is the time to get your Colts gear out on Fridays and parade it around town.

I did notice last year during game days if I was out and about, not many people had Colts stuff on as the season worn on, so I think that has to change. Let’s get Blue Fridays back up and going.  Let’s get Blue Mondays going and talk about the Colts again in the right sense.  Actually even in the losing season last year, there was plenty of Colts talk, and I think the Pacers took a backseat even with the start of their own season.

But fans should show up to the Colts, and I don’t see any reason to be concerned that the tickets won’t be gone once the first game of the season rolls around.  I imagine people will be turning on their televisions if they can’t make it to the game just to see this Andrew Luck guy in action. Myself, I didn’t see any Stanford games, so I am definitely interested in watching how he plays and manages the game.  That should be the biggest reason to watch the games right there.  I don’t know if a lot of the Colts fans in town have seen Luck actually play some with him being out on the west coast.

So I am asking all Colts fans to get those Luck jerseys out, or heck even get the old Manning one out of the closet and wear it with pride.  Wear it on those Fridays before a game.  Talk up what you think will happen come Sunday.  This is the time to prove Indy is a fan friendly town.  This is the time to support the Blue Monster.  There’s a BWO coming for the NFL.  The Blue World Order is tooooo sweeeettt.