The Miami Dolphins will be featured The Miami Dolphins will be featured The Miami Dolphins will be featured

Miami Dolphins Going for Hard Knocks


The Miami Dolphins will be featured on HBO’s next season of  “Hard Knocks.”  And you’re wondering why I would be posting this on an Indianapolis Colts fan site, which is a good question.

I actually thought the Colts would be a good choice for this season of “Hard Knocks” as they’re experiencing all these changes.  Think about going behind the scenes of a first year coach, first time general manager, rookie quarterback, some defensive veterans in Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney, Reggie Wayne’s relationship with Andrew Luck, Coby Flenner’s and Dwayne Allen’s rookie year, just to name a few things.

All the makings are there for a good story that could be featured.  The Colts usually are such a private team, until last season when things seemed to be coming out all the time, that this year’s team would have been ideal to showcase.  We could have seen the work Andrew Luck, who’s so high on people’s radar, is putting in to get ready for the Colts season.

But the Dolphins can be a good story as well since they have some of the same storylines happening.  There’s a first year coach there.  There’s a rookie quarterback trying to become the quarterback the Dolphins haven’t had since Dan Marino retired.  The Dolphins are that type of team that everyone thinks is going to make that turnaround and don’t quite make it, so maybe this season people can actually focus on them.

So good luck Miami Dolphins with your season of “Hard Knocks.”  The Colts will do their thing like they usually do, and hopefully it won’t be a hard knock life for them.