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Indianapolis Colts Coaching Expectations


Yesterday, I gave out some general expectations for the Colts this upcoming season.  Today, I want to talk about the coaching staff, and what fans might expect from them.  Or what fans should want out of the coaches.  I’ll keep this series going for the offense and defensive side of things as well in the next couple of days.

With all the changes to this team, it was no surprise that a coaching change was going to happen.  I also felt like fans wanted an in your face rah rah type coach.  Maybe I am wrong in that belief, but after the Jim Caldwell reign, a change was needed.

It was perceived that he was just emotionless and never said much.  So maybe the feeling is this Colts needs that guy that will get in your face and say something.  A guy with a fire and intensity to him.  Now whether or not Chuck Pagano is that guy remains to be seen.  I’ve never seen the guy coach, so I don’t honestly know what type of coach he’ll be.

But from listening to enough talk radio and what fans have to say, I believe they did want a change, and this should be a change.  So as a Colts fan, what kind of coaching style would you want?  Do you want the intense and angry type coach?  Or do you want someone like Tony Dungy, who’s passionate but in a reserved way? I’m very interested in hearing some feelings on this.