Indianapolis Colts Season Expectations


Obviously, it’s very early on to make any statement about how this season can unwind, and start predicting games.   As it gets closer and this team looks to be set, I will go game by game, and try to give out my expert opinion that way.  But what about an overall feeling of expectation for this season?  Is there very high hopes for what the Colts can do this year?

I think in fans’ minds, and in my own mind, this is just a building year.  Nothing is expected other than going out and competing.  You look at this year’s squad, and there’s going to be so many new faces, you’ll need the game guide just to keep track.  I think back to Peyton Manning’s rookie year, and that team went 3-13.  Is this year’s squad any better set than that year’s?  I don’t think so, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this year’s team ends up right around there.

But that means more high draft picks, and more new guys you can bring in to contribute.  I do think the fans will be okay with a season that isn’t full of promise, but more of the building block of what could be.  We can see Andrew Luck put together a rookie season that he’ll have his ups and downs, hopefully more ups.  We’ll see Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney try their hands with a different defensive scheme.  The defensive side of that ball might be better off because you know what you’ll get with those guys, and what they can do.

That defensive might have to carry the team in some games if the offense was as bad as it was at times like last year.  But I think with Luck getting a couple of tight ends, and especially having Coby Fleener, a guy he spent time with at college that will help. Having Reggie Wayne as a net of sorts for receiving will be a great help to the rookie quarterback.  Is this the year that Donald Brown shows he was worth his draft pick? It’s  a make or break year for him in fans’ eyes, if they haven’t already given up on him.

Things will surely be different around here, but this team was bound to come at some point. It just happened to come sooner than anticipated.  But it’s time to support this team and show that Indy does love their whole football squad, and not just that all time great quarterback who’s now throwing in Denver.  What’s the new slogan “Build the monster?”  The fans can help feed the monster with their support.  What will you do to support the blue meany this year?