Full 7-round Indianapolis Colts mock draft


As it’s the NFL draft tonight, I thought I would have a stab in the dark (as that is all mock drafts really are) at my very own full 10-pick Indianapolis Colts mock draft. Let’s leap forward to Thursday night, and Commissioner Goodell, is making his way over to the podium.  ‘With the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select, Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Stanford.’ We know that for a fact now, that is what we will hear, but after Mr Luck, it really is pure guess work, so here is my more than likely completely inaccurate Colts 7-round mock draft.

Round 1 (1st overall) – Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford. (6”4’, 235lbs) The Colts future for the next 15-20 years. I thoroughly expect Andrew Luck to live up to the high praise he has received; he possesses all the intangibles needed to succeed in the NFL. Luck is a class act and a very intelligent guy. I personally couldn’t be more excited for Luck to become a Colt. Just don’t expect it to be all rosy early on, but down the road he will lead us into championship contention.

Round 2 (34th overall) – Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford. (6”6’, 250lbs) Fleener is very fast and brings a downfield threat up the seams. Tight-end has become a vital position in today’s NFL and this is a huge glaring need for the Colts.

Round 3 (64th overall) – Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma. (5”11’, 205lbs) Fleming brings to the table size, speed and great technique; he can instantly improve the Colts secondary and become a starter as a rookie.

Round 4 (97th overall) – Tom Compton, OG, North Dakota. (6’5”, 315lbs) Compton possesses great size for the Guard position and can help to strengthen the Colts offensive line in order to protect Luck.

Round 5 (136th overall) – Loni Fangupo, NT, BYU. (6’1”, 325lbs) Fangupo is a perfect fit as a nose-tackle in a 3-4. He is not an every down player, but he would slot in well in the defensive line rotation.

Round 5 (170th overall) – Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina. ( 6’0”, 200lbs) Norman shows good size for the cornerback position and shores up the Colts depth at corner.

Round 6 (206th overall) – Gerell Robinson, WR, Arizona State. (6’4”, 225lbs) Robinson is worth a late round pick. He has great size for the NFL and is a worthwhile project for the Colts to try out.

Round 7 (208th overall) – Vick Ballard, RB,  Mississippi State. (5’10”, 220lbs) Ballard’s pass-blocking is great, he could be what the Colts wished Delone Carter to be last season. He can be an effective third-down back who can burst through a whole if he sees it.

Round 7 (214th overall) – Drake Dunsmore, TE, Northwestern. (6’2”, 240lbs) Dunsmore has a vast skill set, and adds to the Colts depth at tight-end.

Round 7 (253rd overall) – Derek Moye, WR, Penn State. (6’5”, 205lbs) Moye could be an effective downfield threat with his 6’5” frame and reasonable downfield speed.

I’m happy to make one bold statement, that being: at least one player I predicted for the Colts to draft, they will. In fact I’d bet my house on it. That of course is Andrew Luck, for the rest of them, well, we will have to see.