5 Running Backs that could fall to the Colts in the Draft


Chris Polk 5’ 10” 215 lbs

Attempts: 293 Yards: 1488 TD: 12

Polk was a leader for the Huskies, mostly because he led by example with a very tough work ethic that also translated into some amazing game-day performances. Polk could go higher than expected because of the overall lack of  talent at RB.  He has the speed and power to become an every-down back in the NFL. With a lot of experience in pass protection and running routes, Polk could also start out as a third-down back.  While he was at the University of Washington, Polk was the workhorse of the team and carried the ball almost 800 times (799 to be exact). Polk is my favorite back in the draft; at times while he was at Washington he seemed almost, dare I say it, Arian Foster-like, with a good mix of instincts, size, and speed.

Isaiah Pead 5’ 10” 197 lbs.

Attempts: 237 Yards: 1,259 TD:12

Pead is a solid running back and had a good career with the Cincinnati Bearcats.  He’s also seen as the sixth best running back in this year’s NFL Draft. As far as his build goes, he could add some bulk to his frame, but he does have the speed to compete in the NFL:  he ran a 4.47 forty yard dash at the combine. Pead also doesn’t run with as much power as one would hope,  but he does run the ball very well north-and-south. As far as his role in the passing game goes, Pead doesn’t block very well and will need lots of work in pass protection but is a decent receiver out of the backfield.

Lamichael James 5’ 8” 194 lbs.

Attempts: 247 Yards: 1805 TD: 18

Speed, speed, and more speed are what James brings to your roster. He is very small and doesn’t have quite the bulk needed to have any longevity in the NFL.  Of course, it’s possible James could be a Darren Sproles type player and be one of the more lethal third-down weapons in NFL history. Although James suffered a series of injuries while at the University of Oregon, not many were serious enough to require surgery. James will be an impact player right away with his speed but he isn’t much in pass protection.

Terrence Gannaway 5’ 11” 239 lbs.

Attempts: 250 Yards: 1547 TD: 21

Gannaway is one of the bigger running backs in this year’s draft class, but he isn’t the battering ram one would expect for a back his size. He ran a 4.67 forty yard dash, so he isn’t the fastest runner in the draft either.   What he really offers, then, is  potential.   I’m not saying Gannaway could be the next great thing, but he does have the talent, size, and intangibles to become a very solid running back in the NFL, especially in this era where the two-back system has been adopted by almost every team.

Chris Rainey 5’ 8” 180lbs

Attempts: 171 Yards: 861 TD: 2

I believe Rainey will be more successful than Lamichael James, mostly because Rainey can more than likely step in right away and make an impact. He rates higher in terms of pass protection and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. In a two-back system, Rainey would be a great fit for the Colts, especially if Delone Carter becomes the main guy and they just need someone as a change-of-pace guy.