#HorseBytes: Colts Just Waiting for Their Luck to Change


For the first time in several months, things were relatively quiet in Indianapolis this week. One could easily get the feeling that the Colts are laying low while they ready themselves to make what could be the most important decision of the franchise’s next decade – the first selection in the NFL draft. All signs point towards the Colts choosing former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the highly-coveted first pick, and Luck himself visited the Colts’ facility Tuesday. At this point, it seems like the Horseshoe may simply be tying up some loose ends.

While Irsay had previously been far from revealing in whether he had made a final decision regarding the draft’s first selection, in the past two weeks he has had more and more great things to say about Luck. To me, it would be a complete shock if anyone other than Luck walked away from the draft as the Colts’ new quarterback. Luck has a superior football IQ and even got to make some of his own play calls while at Stanford. He fits the Colts’ offense to a tee. Only 13 days until Colts #12 jerseys hit the shelves.

That’s right: the draft is less than two weeks away! The big event will take place in New York City, but with the Colts front and center in the draft day festivities, Jim Irsay is planning a party for the Colts contingent back home. Naptown locals, head out to Lucas Oil on the first night of the draft for a big shindig. And, if we’ve learned anything from Super Bowl XLVI, it’s that Indianapolis knows how to throw a party.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, Irsay is already looking towards his next. After Indianapolis received such rave reviews as a Super Bowl host, the city may play host again in the next 10 years. Maybe this time, the Colts will be able to play in it. Regardless, I will look forward to another Georgia Street zipline.

Meanwhile, Peyton Manning had some loose ends of his own to tie up. Manning called several Indianapolis reporters Thursday to thank them for their time and effort during his 14-year stint with the Colts. At first glance, a personal call like this may seem surprising, but, then again, it’s Peyton Manning we’re talking about. A phrase by ESPN summed it up pretty well: “There’s classy, and then there’s Peyton Manning.”
‘Nuff said. Already missing you, No. 18.

But thankfully there are still some other Colts veterans around to keep slightly downtrodden fans like me happy. Dwight Freeney will be back in Colts blue in 2012 and is looking to expand his connection with his fans on Facebook. You can expect “updates, giveaways, and more” from the Pro Bowl-er on his Facebook page, so give him a “thumbs up!”

That’s all #HorseBytes has for this week. Check back in next week for more Colts updates from the Twitterverse.