Irsay: Indianapolis Needs More Hotels for Another Super Bowl Run


Jim Irsay thinks that Indianapolis can make another run at hosting a Super Bowl before 2020, but that we have more work to do  before that will happen.  According to the Colts owner, Indy fell short this February in terms of downtown hotel space.  Premium room space is a bit sparse in the Circle City, but the new Marriott has helped quite a bit, and there is also the matter of just how many rooms are needed.  Lucas Oil Stadium was expanded to hold about 68,000 fannies for Super Bowl XLVI, so the in-game crowd can only be so large.    Of course, the NFL Experience drew huge crowds throughout the week, but many of those folks made a day trip out of the experience and didn’t stay over night.

Bottom line is that the Indy Super Bowl was very successful, and I doubt building more hotels would improve it all that much.  I feel some Irsay spin coming on.